Get Closer to Winning the Amazon Buy Box with these Exercises!

If you are a seller on Amazon already, you would have known by now the significance of Buy Box and the fact that there are multiple factors which determine and influence the Buy Box position.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the phrase “winning the Buy Box” is misleading most of the times. A better way to put it is by saying that “you always win a percentage of the Buy Box” as Amazon keeps rotating the Buy Box amongst the most deserving sellers. So what you really aim for is to get a bigger share of the Buy Box cake. Read about how vreprice’s Buy Box sharing feature increases your chances of winning the Buy Box.

So, let’s read about some of the best exercises to help your products get and retain the Buy Box position, increasing your profits and sales on a continuous basis.

1. Signup for an Algorithmic Repricer

Studies and research show that Amazon gives a higher preference to sellers using an algorithmic repricing even though their prices may be higher than those who don’t use it. This happens because algorithmic repricer takes into consideration all the Buy Box variables and examines billions of data in real time to not just get you closer to the Buy Box but increases your profits with lesser but smarter efforts.

These intelligent algorithms seek in the all the data – competitor’s prices, feedback rating, inventory, shipping location etc. to determine an ideal price for you that helps you achieve your business goals.

vreprice – An Amazon Repricer helps you win the Buy Box along with increasing your profits and sales with its self-learning and smart algorithms which understand the complex process of winning and retaining the Amazon Buy Box.

2. Aim for good feedback

Positive and good feedback is one of the decisive factors which Amazon considers while granting the Buy Box.

You can boost more positive reviews by putting in little efforts into your overall communication and presentation. Have good-looking and clear images of your product with different angles and views and give accurate and all the basic information about the product so your customers develop trust and know what exactly they’re buying. After the product is shipped, sending them a gentle and friendly request to review your product would be great way to bring in more of it.

Ensure to follow some of the Amazon feedback guidelines to avoid getting into Amazon’s bad books. Stay away from getting into any paid or promotional reviews. Amazon doesn’t even entertain family members or friends of the sellers to write a customer review for any product.

3. Keep up with your stock

While this may look very obvious, but running low on stock definitely affects your chances of winning or staying in the Buy Box.

If you’re selling a seasonal product and you have competition to beat, make sure your stocks are up to the mark to meet the season’s demand and not losing the Buy Box to your competition because of low inventory. Keep an eye on the inventory of the product with maximum positive reviews, as buyers always go for the ones with maximum customer reviews.

4. Aim for customer delight

For Amazon, customer delight is the key. So, you can never ignore this factor while crafting your goals of winning the Buy Box, increasing profits and boosting sales. You maximize your chances of getting into the Buy Box and staying there when all your metrics are focused upon – lower order defect and return rate, less shipping/dispatch time, more reviews and ratings, response turnaround time, etc. You can become an FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) seller and most of these pointers would be taken care of as the shipment would be Amazon’s responsibility, which would mean highest level of customer service.

Hence, the key to win the Buy Box is associated with fulfilling multiple criteria and continuously repeating the fulfillment. Get an algorithmic repricer, keep your customer delighted, get more reviews and maintain your optimum stock. Taking these important steps out of the many would maximize your Buy Box potential.