vreprice – The best SAAS software for increasing the online ecommerce sales!

vreprice – The best SAAS software for increasing the online ecommerce sales!

Every seller on Amazon looks for 3 things – winning the Buy Box, increasing the sales and increasing their profit margin. With rising competition comes rising tasks, responsibilities and challenges. With competition reaching new levels, it becomes important to focus on the 360° aspect of the business. And this is only possible when you delegate and automate some tasks.

One such software which helps you in managing your Amazon sales is vreprice. vreprice is repricing software. But first, let’s know what repricing software is.

What is a Repricing Software?

It’s a software which manages your prices on Amazon by adjusting them according to the on-going competition pricing. It takes into account various elements and helps in getting the best prices to beat the competition, win the Buy Box and increase profit margins.Price is one of the most crucial factor which every seller focuses on because everything revolves around it. A seller needs to have complete control over his prices. However, when your sku’s are limited, having a control over their pricing is doable. But when it grows to hundreds and thousands, repricing them manually becomes a nightmare. This is where the repricing software comes into the picture.

How does repricing work?

The most common and important question is, how does this Amazon repricer software work and what does the process involve. Here’s a simple and crisp explanation of what happens.
There’s a price change on Amazon -> Amazon then communicates this to the repricer software -> The repricer software analyses and processes the data and calculates a new price -> Security checks are undertaken -> The software then sends the new price to Amazon -> Amazon’s system checks the new price against its pricing rules -> After the criteria matches, the price goes live on Amazon -> The cycle is repeated continuously.

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What does your Pricing Strategy Depend on?

vreprice studies your pricing along with your competitor’s prices and undertakes repricing effectively.
Your product pricing depends on various factors, 3 of the most important ones being:

  • Your Competitor Pricing
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Season-time Pricing Strategy


Your competitor pricing

Having the right prices is very important in this massive competitive market. You cannot be ignorant or late in adjusting your prices as per your competitor’s prices. Hence, automating it using vreprice is important if the number of skus is on a higher end.

Marketplace Analysis

Studying the market trend and acting upon it every moment is important to stay ahead of the competition and meet the market demands. This is only possible when you have accurate and reliable data systematically at your fingertips. With vreprice’s information dashboard, get access to detailed Buy Box performance information, on-going price wars, sales history, and much more to analyze the trends and tweak your strategy accordingly.

Season-time Pricing Strategy

Though the occasions remain the same every year, but the strategy used in the first year might not work for the next one. With new trends and demands coming in, you need to tweak your strategy periodically.

Implementing a new pricing strategy manually every time is very difficult. Repricing software like vreprice not just helps you in increasing your sales by repricing but also increases your profit margins gradually. With its user-friendly interface and process, it becomes easy for any seller to work with it and get relieved from the repricing anxiety.

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