vreprice : Automatic Repricing Machine

In essence, marketplace repricing is simply a seller making changes to the price of products they offer on platforms like Amazon. They might do that for any reason, but typically it’s in response to competition.

On marketplaces, the offers from different sellers are shown side-by-side so buyers can compare prices very easily – noncompetitive prices disappear into the background noise. To be successful, sellers need to find a way to rise above the crowd.

The volume of activity on marketplaces like Amazon is enormous, and the scale of repricing is huge too. For example, Amazon.com implements more than 2.5 million automated price changes every day to stay competitive not only with other sites, but also merchants selling on their own third-party marketplace. High street retailers like Walmart and Best Buy also change their prices constantly – in their cases around 50,000 times each month.

Major retailers have been “spying” on each other for decades, and setting their prices accordingly – before the internet they would send staff to competing stores to manually note down prices. E-commerce has made price comparison easier for the retail establishment, and also made automatic repricing possible for marketplace sellers of almost any size. Repricing tools are available as standalone services, or as part of integrated marketplace management tools. Repricing software is itself a competitive market, with plenty of options available.

The third factor is the most complex: successful marketplace repricing is not just about price. Amazon have sophisticated algorithms which decide how sellers rank for every product and keyword search – price is not the only factor they consider. The seller with the lowest price does not always sell the most.


Unlike other repricers, we don’t wait for a notification from Amazon to start your repricing. As soon as your products are uploaded we start repricing and winning the Buybox.

Business never stops and nor does our repricer. Every move of your competitors is monitored and every opportunity analyzed, to win you the Buybox and increase your profitability.

At the cost of sounding like a broken record, we say, winning you the buybox is just the start. We analyze various parameters such as Price, Feedback and FBA status to find opportunities for increasing your profitability while retaining the Buybox.

vreprice provides real-time information of your sales & products. With vreprice you can easily get buybox information (including Buybox sharing), profit margins and inventory details for all your products.

Mistakes happen. We get that. vreprice is built to understand common errors & prevent repricing mishaps . Accidently entered minimum price as zero or the Min price is greater than Max price ? vreprice understands these errors and will not reprice these ASINs.

We understand that calculating your minimum & maximum selling price is tedious as you have to account for all your costs and amazon fees, that are different for different categories. So vreprice comes equipped with a price calculator where you just have to enter your costs, amazon category and required profit margin and we calculate accurate pricing thresholds.