Top 5 VReprice Features

What is VReprice?

A Powerful Repricing Tool for Amazon Sellers. We Continue & Automate Repricing even After You Win the Buy Box.

Our aim is to help you increase your profits and sales on multiple Amazon Marketplaces. Get an edge over your competitors by not just winning the Buy Box but also retaining it with the help of our software’s self-learning and smart algorithms.

1. Continuous Repricing Even After You Win The Amazon Buy Box

You don’t just win the Buy Box but also progress towards increasing your profit with every sale. Our algorithms keep processing and evaluating competitor actions even after you are in the Buy Box to ensure continuous growth in profits and sales.

2. Buy Box Sharing

VReprice ensures continuous repricing, profits and sales through its Buy Box sharing feature, in which it allows you to alter your Buy Box position with other sellers in regular intervals. This helps you get the Buy Box more frequently compared to when not shared at all.

3.  Select Who You Want to Compete Against & How

VReprice lets you choose how you want to compete against other sellers by setting the rules.

You can choose to compete with only FBA or FBM or both the sellers. You can also exclude some sellers on their feedback rating. This helps you to focus only on the most important sellers with a higher feedback rating, as buyers always prefer a seller with good rating score.

Seller can specify all the flexible and targeted business rules he wants to list for his repricing process.

4. Pricing Upwards

It’s not necessary to reduce your prices to win the Buy Box as there are many other factors which determine the Buy Box win. VReprice strategically increases your product price while retaining your Buy Box position ensuring timely growth in your profits and sales.

It is crucial to know when to up your price and not just follow the slope down and VReprice does that for you at the right time.

5. Get insights about your business performance

Be acquainted with your business performance insights by keeping a tab on your Buy Box performance, Sales and Repricing in an easy to understand graphical format. Analyze your performance and identify your weaknesses and growth opportunities with the most accurate data and actionable reports.

Buy Box Performance Overview

Sales Performance Overview

Repricing Overview

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