Top 5 Amazon News – May 2018!

The world of Amazon is huge and if you’re a seller on Amazon, you have to be updated with all the news and happenings about Amazon. We’re here to help you in the process. We will be posting about the Top 5 Amazon News every month from various sources, so that you have it all in one place – at vreprice Repricing Solution Blog.

Let’s read about some news from the month of April 2018!

More the number of positive reviews, higher the chances of winning the Buy Box. Every Amazon Seller is aware of this metric and hence some of them indulge in getting fake reviews for their product.

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Amazon has become progressively dominant in several gradually important arenas, apparel being one of them. The company is planning to add apparel to this growing list as it changes the way people shop for clothing (again) and entices more of its customers to buy Amazon’s own threads.

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Amazon goes back to its bookseller roots and introduces Prime Book Box, a subscription service that offers curated boxes of hardcover books for kids up to 12 years. Customers can pick whether to receive the boxes every one, two or three months. Each delivery costs $23, which Amazon says can save people up to 35 percent off list price.

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There’s a way Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos looks into customer satisfaction. He has a notorious habit of sending his executives an email which has a single character: a question mark.
When the executive gets an email from Bezos that simply says “?” they know that Bezos is concerned about something because a customer complained and they need to drop everything and get going with it.

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Amazon is updating its mobile apps with a new International Shopping experience that makes it easier to shop for products on Amazon abroad within the app. Users will now be able to browse Amazon on mobile in five languages (Spanish, English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and German), and prices can be displayed in 25 local currencies.

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