Reasons why your Amazon sales may have dropped

Selling on Amazon is easy, however it needs continuous monitoring to ensure your sales and profit are either constant or increasing. When you notice a drop of Amazon sales, it’s a sign to start studying the reasons. Below are some of the reasons why you may witness a drop of Amazon sales.

Is your organic ranking on Amazon doing well?
Get into your customer’s shoe and start searching your product with the keywords your user would use. If you cannot find your product in the first page, it might hinder your sales.

Check on your keywords. Ensure you have used the profitable and strong keywords in your product descriptions with fine-looking images. Also, don’t miss out on checking how your product is coming up on mobiles, because more than 50% shopping today happens through mobile.

Did you check your Buy Box?
Every seller eyes on the ultimate Buy Box when selling on Amazon and plans to win the Buy Box. Amazon incessantly offers the Buy Box to sellers alternately and no seller should miss this opportunity.

However, if you are the only one selling a specific product, than you need not worry. You can win and retain the Buy Box for a long time. But if new sellers enter the platform selling the same products, this leads to increase in competition. With increase in competition, the probability of winning the Buy Box decreases, which may lead to drop of Amazon sales.

Ensure your pricing has a competitive edge with favorable seller metrics.

Has any of your sales promotion ended?
Amazon sellers are offered the option of running promotional campaigns for their products. So, if your sales are having a sudden downfall, chances are that one of your campaigns may have ended. Keep a track of all your campaign start and end dates to avoid unwanted stress or worries.

It’s a seasonal issue
If your products fall under a seasonal business category, that could be a reason of your drop in Amazon sales. You may notice monthly or quarterly selling trends, with high sales in your season and comparatively low during the remaining months.

Getting a grip and knowledge about your product or business season helps you focus on your sales better.

Are your reviews doing well?
Buyers on Amazon can submit their feedback in two ways – 1. Seller feedback – giving a feedback about the seller per se. 2. Product feedback – this is the product review.

For your products with 1 or 2 star ratings, scrutinize and examine the reason and revert back to the buyer in case of negative reviews. Even a bad seller feedback can lead to a dropdown in sales. On receiving a bad seller review, cross check it in correspondence to Amazon’s feedback terms and conditions. For example, if you are an FBA seller and the review was about improper shipping, then it’s a mistake which will be rectified by Amazon.
This will help you prevent your sales to go down.

There will be times when your sales would nose-dive on Amazon and it happens with every seller. Study your products well, keep your prices competitive and analyze your competitors on timely basis. With the right tools and strategy, you can overcome the temporary fall.