Increase your gross sales with automated Amazon repricing.

Reprice on multiple channels

Experience the benefits of continuous repricing on 9 Amazon marketplaces and let your business reach global markets.

Automatic Repricing

Get rid of the manual repricing process. Automate your repricing that keeps your prices competitive all the time.

Price up Fluctuations

Earn the vital Buy Box at the optimum price and automatically adjust the prices as per the competition actions.

Continue Repricing after win Buybox

You don’t just win the Buy Box but also progress towards increasing your profit with every sale. Meet your profit target margins thoroughly with every sale.

Intelligent algorithm for competitive pricing

Be acquainted with your business insights by keeping a tab on FBA and non-FBA competitor pricing, rating, inventory, feedback score across the multiple marketplaces in real-time.

Simple and quick

You can be set up on VReprice in minutes


Experience automated and constant repricing without having to manually look over everything on all your online stores.


Beat your competition in winning the Buy Box with VReprice’s quick and speedy repricing techniques.

Pre-defined strategies

Our algorithms understand your product requirements and offer the right pre-defined strategies to maximize your sales along with rise in profit margins with every sale.

Bulk actions

Do away with your worry of managing huge inventory. With VReprice, just add the repricing rules, your minimum and maximum price limits with bulk actions.

Search, filter, sort

Get quick access to your desired products with our strong and smart search, filters and sort functionality options.

Details at a glance

Repricer Information Dashboard enables sellers have access to detailed Buy Box performance information, list of best sellers and on-going price wars, product performance details like pricing, repricing history, sales history with graphical representation.

Reprice on Amazon and win new sales with continuous repricing!

Create automated Amazon repricer strategies to increase your sales and grow your profits.


Reprice to grow your Amazon sales


Win the Amazon Buy Box

Buy Box winners

Automate your stock price changes

Price movement

Create pricing strategies that win

Flexible, targeted rules

Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules, target your chosen competitors

Fulfillment method

Get the Buy Box with our intelligent algorithms competing differently for FBA and seller-fulfilled merchants.

Individual sellers

You are authorized to target and compete with single sellers with a made custom-made strategy.


Compete with sellers using the feedback score and count units. Choose the right individuals to compete with and get close to the Buy Box with your feedbacks and ratings.

Stock levels

Play with pricing and shoot it up when your competitors’ go out of stock. And similarly, twist your strategy when your inventory is running low.

When Buy Box winner

When you are the Buy Box winner, you also get closer to increasing your profit margins by increasing your prices strategically.

Last sale

When the stock seems to be in for a long time, study the rules and strategy on your last sale and reform it accordingly.

Safe and secure

VReprice ensures you always sell at a profit, never a loss