Marketing to the Thousand Millennial Mindsets on Amazon!

Selling online is a task with a lot of responsibility and needs a lot of your time and attention. And online sellers today get much occupied with managing their daily business and its development activities, that they miss out on studying their audience better.

Whilst, everyone shops on ecommerce sites, especially Amazon, the bigger bunch of buyers is millennials amongst them. With the world and businesses running as close to as lightning speed, millennials are too busy to go out and shop with an actual physical cart. With shopping now possible by just a click, millennials prefer to get things online over physical shopping.

If it’s a private brand you’re selling on Amazon, ensure to show your differentiation factor as it’s one of the common traits of millennials to opt for something which sounds and looks different from the lot. The online marketplace is filled with sellers selling similar products. So, one of the most challenging task for any brand is how to capture the attention of this fickle minded demographic and convert them into loyal customers. But, at the same time maintain your brand guidelines, philosophy and values. So, sellers have to understand the new generation mindset and market their brand accordingly.
And one of the best parts about this new generation mindset is their definition of uniqueness. The product need not be revolutionary, but just a special feature attached to it can make a whole lot of difference. Having a brand story, a social cause associated with the brand or any special attribute (for e.g. content or design) can also make the seller stand out amidst the crowd.

The Six Millennial Mindsets (6 Characteristics of Millennials)

Let’s read about the 6 characteristics of millennials, can also be termed as mindsets. Focusing on these mindsets over a period a period of time can help your business to not just grow but occupy a definitive place in their minds.

1. Social (Conversations)

Millennial consumers talk, walk and sleep brands of high impact. There wouldn’t be a case where you’ve not heard 2 women discussing their dream Pinterest wedding or their new outfits from Forever New. Some brands become a part of your daily affair and conversations without even you realizing. That’s the power of strong brand marketing. Be a part of the millennial consumer’s banters and bring the change.

2. Self feels (Connection)

One of the many millennial’s traits and values is that they would go the extra mile in terms of money and effort for an experience they’ll never forget or not get from any other brand. There’s an emotion which a man feels when he wears a Raymond suit giving him the feels’ of a ‘complete man’ which is their brand propaganda.

3. Novelty (modernism)

The more innovative you are, the better is your chances of building a brand amidst the millennial consumers. Today, innovation and re-invention goes hand-in-hand. Zomato has changed the face of searching restaurants online. Old wine in a new bottle is the way to get into the minds of the millennial consumers.

4. Trust (Consumer is BAE – Before Anyone Else)

Developing a high level of consistency and trust is extremely important as per how the new generation mindset functions. And even if you bring innovation, ensure you have gained strong millennial consumers’ trust in your fundamental product. WhatsApp came with its new story features which had some witty reactions, but people still use it. Because there’s a level of trust and consistency that has been achieved in the fundamental product/service.

5. Adds Meaning to its Existence (Goodness)

Brands associated with a purpose have an edge over their competitors as per the millennial generation mindset. Having a charity or good deed associated with your brand can bring you brand identity, but at the same time you have to maximize other opportunities for a balanced growth between brand and sales. And if your company is not committed to any such purpose till date, incorporating it will get you more attention.

6. Making lives simple

Though this factor stands on the 6th position of the millennial generation mindset, majority of the topmost brands are profoundly using this area of product selling and getting benefits out of it. Today, research and study shows that the number 1 brand amidst a varied age group and audience is Amazon. Why? Because, it’s made people’s lives easier. People compare and expect other brands to Amazon’s service. And you being an Amazon seller, you are already using the advantage of it.

The changing landscape of purchase decisions!

Today, it’s the buyer’s market. People are ready to even pay a premium but need the value of the same in return. Quality Products, Quick and Safe Delivery, Customer Service is now of high importance. Sellers have to constantly work towards improvements in every area of their online sales in order to meet the customer demands and needs.
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Whenever in doubt, just ask yourself these 4 questions and take the right path in solving your business problems.

  • How are you fulfilling the uniqueness quotient?
  • What’s the purpose of your brand’s existence or does it have any meaning?
  • Are you helping your consumers or solving a problem?
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