Introduction to Amazon FBA

The ecommerce giant Amazon has created one of the most useful and advanced-level fulfillment services, through which businesses can grow and gain their customer’s trust.

Under this Fulfillment, an Amazon seller can store his products in the Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon will pick up the product from you, pack and ship it to the customer. And it doesn’t end here. Amazon also provides customer service of these products and ensures a fully-packaged customer experience. Making use of this Amazon’s fulfillment service won’t just provide your existing customer with excellent customer service but also help you reach more customers.

How it Works

The quick and simple process helps you to do away with the shipment headache and ensures a smooth and swift delivery to your customers.

1. Set up/Add FBA to your Account

If you’re an existing Amazon Seller, just add FBA to your account. And if you’re yet to join the Amazon seller family, it’s easy to start.
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2. Keep the products ready

Keep your products transfer ready with safe packaging. You need not worry about the extra secure packaging as it’s completely taken care of at the Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

3. Send your products/ Get them picked up by Amazon

You can either send your products or schedule a pick-up to store them in the Amazon fulfillment centers.

4. Customer orders & Amazon ships

Amazon Prime customers are provided with faster shipping and subject to FREE shipping on applicable orders. Amazon packs and ships the customer order quickly and securely through its advanced picking and sorting system. A customer can track the order too.

5. Amazon provides customer service

Amazon’s customer care experts handle everything – queries, returns, refunds and all sorts of customer inquiries 24/7.


With all that valuable time you save with Amazon FBA, you can focus on growing your business and other important business goals.

1. Amazon Prime

All your FBA products automatically get eligible for one-day, two-day shipping. All your Amazon Prime members can enjoy FREE shipping on eligible orders. Best and shortest delivery time grabs more consumer eyeballs and helps your brand achieve customer delight.

2. Fulfill orders from other channels

When you opt for FBA, you can also undertake MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment). This means you can fulfill orders coming from other channels like your website or other online platforms, through the Amazon fulfillment centers. This helps you store as well as ship your inventory from a single place.

3. Customer delight with Amazon’s trusted service

Customers trust the Amazon’s top-notch packaging, shipment and customer service which in turn benefits your brand and business. The FBA listings are displayed with Prime logo, so customers are inclined to order those products specifically, getting you more sales loyalty.

4. Easy and economical

You only pay for the services you use. You are charged only for the storage space you use and orders fulfilled which also includes the cost of shipping. This means, you don’t have to pay any additional delivery charges, for any FREE/one-day/two-day delivery or any subscription fees.

About Repricing

If you are new to selling on Amazon and wanting to opt for FBA services, it’s important to learn about the Amazon FBA Repricing Software too.

vreprice – An Amazon FBA Repricer helps your FBA listings perform even better by continuously repricing even after you’ve won the Buy Box. An effective Amazon FBA Repricing Software would double your FBA selling and lessen your worry of repricing automatically and continuously.

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