Holiday Season Tactics for Amazon Sellers!

Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for most Amazon retailers, with people buying things for their friends and family. It’s a hectic and stressful period, but educational and effective at the same time. There are a lot of dos and don’ts which Amazon sellers should take care of to enhance their Amazon holiday season sales.

Here’s a preparation checklist which will help Amazon sellers to make the most out of the Amazon holiday season and prep up for the Holiday Hustle.

Optimized Product Listing

Product listing principally means the way in which all your product information is presented. Good quality product images, unique and creative content that leads to a conversion, title and detailed product description incorporating the keywords, customer reviews and ratings, makes a part of your product listing.

This has to be up-to-date throughout the year, but since holiday season is a crucial shopping time, it’s important to be perfect during this time. Don’t lose sales because of poor quality images and boring and non-informative content. Check out this simple infographic which will help you boost your Amazon Holiday sales.

Give Your Listing Some Holiday Feels

Add some Holiday feels in your listing. Tell your audience how your product will bring them value and how can they use it this holiday season. Don’t sell your product. Sell the product utility and how would it make life easier for the ones you care about.

Maybe adding some holiday vibes to your product images would grab user attention! For example, showing your product gift wrapped with a ribbon which speaks about your product as gifting option this holiday season may add substantial value and increase the conversion ratio.

Automated Repricing Tool

Every seller on Amazon aims for 3 most important things – The Amazon BuyBox, More Sales and More Profits. With increase in competition, it becomes important to focus on the 360° aspect of the business. And this is only possible when you automate some tasks, especially during the Amazon Holiday Season.

Repricing is one such process in which your product prices are adjusted time to time as per the on-going competition pricing which helps your product to earn and stay in the Amazon Buy Box. Sellers with handful of products can manage to reprice manually, but the ones with huge sku number need an automatic Amazon repricing software. And one such repricing software is VReprice.

Vreprice studies your pricing along with your competitor’s prices and undertakes repricing effectively.
Your product pricing depends on various factors, 3 of the most important ones being:

  • Your Competitor Pricing
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Season-time Pricing Strategy

Read more about VReprice in this article – The best SAAS software for increasing the online ecommerce sales!

Maintain Adequate Inventory

Know what you’re selling and get your suppliers in place. Don’t put your reliability at stake by running out of stock during a high demand season.
A good number of people also shop last moment during the holiday season. So, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this bunch.

Calculate all the supply chain delays and fill your warehouse accordingly. And if you’re an FBA seller, you might need to keep things ready a little more in advance.

There is always an option for discount, promotion and offers which attracts buyers for your slow moving inventory.
Sometimes, people prefer buying seasonal products when it’s off season because they consider it a bargain, or they’ll keep it for next year or just as a quirky keepsake.


Drive Traffic from External Sources

Holiday season calls for a 3600 marketing and sales campaign. When you drive traffic to Amazon from various external sources, it helps you find new customers, gives you an edge over your competition and gives your brand a strong presence.

When your Amazon listing receives traffic from external sources other than Amazon – it helps your keywords rank higher on Amazon, helps you build an email database and facilitate various other sales opportunities.

Drive traffic to your Amazon listing through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, email marketing and influencers, analyze it and learn what works best for your brand.

Having brand engagement and presence on all digital platforms not just helps in driving traffic but creates a strong brand recall. Read more about it in this article – Grow Your Amazon Business and Build Your Brand with External Traffic

Outsource or Seek Help for Small Chores

Every Amazon seller is a superhero. But sometimes, even superheroes need help, especially during Amazon holiday season. Seek help from your little brothers and sisters or friends to help you with the simple wrapping chores.

Consider outsourcing the entire logistics during the holiday season if the packaging is a complicated and tiring affair, so that your buyers don’t land up receiving damaged products.

All you Amazon sellers out there- get ready to achieve the best Amazon Holiday season sales!