Holiday Season Repricing Strategies with VReprice – Amazon Repricing Software!

Irrespective of the season, every Amazon seller looks for 3 important things – Winning the Buy Box and retaining it, increasing the sales and improving profitability. And to achieve these objectives, all you need is an effective Amazon Repricing software. Let’s understand each of these one by one.

What is a Buy Box?

Buy Box is the ‘Add to cart’ button on product detail page which leads the buyer to purchase the product. A product in the Buy Box will sell 4x to 5x more than the same product without the Buy Box. Check out this infographic – Everything you need to know about the Amazon Buy Box!

What is a Repricing Software?

A repricing software helps sellers in continuous re-pricing of their products as per the on-going competition prices, in order to win the Buy Box, retain it and increase their profits and sales.

How does repricing work exactly?

There’s a price change on Amazon -> Amazon then communicates this to the repricing software -> The repricing software analyses and processes the data and calculates a new price -> Security checks are undertaken -> The software then sends the new price to Amazon -> Amazon’s system checks the new price against its pricing rules -> After the criteria matches, the price goes live on Amazon -> The cycle is repeated continuously.
Gain more insights about repricing process from our article – How Amazon Repricing Works

Increase your Holiday sales and profitability with VReprice

VReprice Automates Your Repricing

When you automate your repricing, you don’t just save time and effort but also prevent any human errors that occur when you reprice manually. And you definitely don’t want to lose sales due to these errors, especially during the Amazon holiday season. Using VReprice as your repricing software is one of the most intelligent repricing strategy for your holiday season, getting you all the benefits of an automated repricer. Read the benefits in detail – Advantages of Automated Repricing on Amazon.

VReprice Makes You More Sales

VReprice gauges all the market variables and gets you the most competitive selling price for your products, still ensuring the Buy Box win. Irrespective of the number of ASINs you have on the Amazon Marketplace during the holiday season, it will still make you more sales and Buy Box with the help of its intelligent algorithms.

VReprice improves your profit and credibility

It might seem obvious that by pulling down your prices, you will attract more sales. But if you constantly keep doing so, consumers will start associating your brand and products with cheap quality.
So a wise thing to do is price your products around 1.5% higher than the cheapest seller. This will not only help you maintain your quality perception in the minds of the consumers, but also make you reasonably priced.
And VReprice ensures your profitability is growing by strategically repricing your products upwards when either the competition is out of stock or any other such favorable situation occurs.

VReprice Helps You Analyze

Your holiday season repricing strategies shouldn’t be based only on the current market trends. VReprice helps you learn about your sales performance, your strengths and weaknesses in the past days, weeks and months. When you get all the past and present statistics, numbers and graphs at a single place – at the Informative Dashboard, it helps you take better future pricing and business decisions.

When you choose VReprice as your Amazon Marketplace Software, you choose convenience and freedom. With VReprice, your product reprices instantly beating your competitor’s price at every step. So, this holiday season, go party hard, while VReprice gives your competitors a hard time.