Grow Your Amazon Business and Build Your Brand with External Traffic

Today, from food to furniture and electronics to apparels, everything is available on Amazon. So, if you have a business and are thinking to leverage this platform, it’s a great idea.

But this also brings along super tough competition. Relying on Amazon for your sales is great, but relying only on it can be risky. When you drive traffic from external sources, it helps you find new customers, gives you an edge over your competition and gives your brand a strong presence.

Let’s have a read about how and why Amazon sellers could utilize traffic being driven from sources other than Amazon (Facebook ads, Google ads and Influencers)

Importance of generating traffic from external sources

There are millions of searches on Amazon every day. Not everyone would be searching for your product. Hence, your keywords have limited amount of searches and your product listing gets inadequate amount of hits. By expanding your traffic sources externally, you can look for more potential customers by branding your products in front of them. And these prospects your competitor is not marketing to.

Get an edge over your competition.

You must have thought that a highly optimized listing with beautiful images, crisp content and keywords will do the job. Yes, it will. But, that’s not enough, because even your competitors are doing so.
If you are on the first page of Amazon so are your competitors. Make your presence strong on platforms like Facebook, Blogs, Instagram and Pinterest which will make you stand out with the traffic being driven from these sources.
It also seems like Amazon rewards better ranking to the listings which receive traffic from external sources. Why not? Ultimately Amazon is a business just like yours. It wants more and more people buying from their site.

Don’t just make a customer, make brand loyals.

If your end goal is a lot of sales on Amazon, then putting your efforts in optimizing your Amazon SEO is the right approach. But, if you want to build a brand, there’s more to it. Always remember, customers buying your products from Amazon aren’t actually yours. They’re Amazon’s.

If you want to build a successful business, you need a sustainable business plan and model, in which you don’t just sell a product, but create a brand.
Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t give you scope for it, because, chances being you might convert their customers into your own. So, why not get them before they hit Amazon?

Prepare an email list

Having an email database adds value to your business. It lets you engage with your past and present customers for your current and future product introductions.

And as mentioned above, Amazon doesn’t give you the customer emails. But if you drive traffic from external sources, you can collect emails through landing pages.

Driving External Traffic

It’s not just about driving traffic, but driving the accurate traffic. You might land up spending a lot if you don’t know how to capture traffic effectively.

What’s the most common mistake people do? They send traffic directly to their Amazon listing.

By sending your traffic directly to your Amazon listing, you miss out on the chance of building a long-term relationship for future sales. If they don’t buy at the time they land on your listing, you lose them forever without any of their contact details to target them back.

It’s important to make the customer pass through a funnel in which you can record their contact details for a future conversion.

– Landing Page

Create a landing page and drive your traffic there. By doing this, you achieve two goals. Firstly, you’ll get only the targeted and interested traffic, because only they will fill in their contact details. Secondly, you get to capture their contact details for retargeting purpose (Facebook remarketing, adwords remarketing etc.)

Give your potential customers something in return for their email id. A free giveaway like e-book, video tutorials, one-time discount offers etc. draws the potential to give in their details.

– How do you know which traffic is the best one

It all depends on your product and where your target market is seen often. If you have an existing email database, it’s great to start from it. You know those people will be interested in your product.
Facebook ads let you hit the accurate target audience with its powerful targeting tool, allowing you to reach the wide number of audience present on Facebook and Instagram.

If your product is all about design and visuals, then Instagram and Pinterest would be a great source to drive traffic from to your landing page.

The best manner to know what works best for you is test and trial method. Experiment various platforms, ads, content and visuals with one set goal. You might fail in some and succeed in other. That will help you decide what works best for your business.

To summarize it!

Amazon is a great platform for growing your business. But don’t just rely on it. You might miss out on some opportunities and clients.
Build a brand. Take advantages of the traffic coming in from different channels and don’t forget to make your email list. Remember, there’s no secret formula. You experiment, learn and analyse.