Common Myths About Amazon Repricing!

Many Amazon sellers think having a repricing software for their Amazon Business might affect their profitability. There are various other myths and false notions sellers have about an Amazon Repricing Software. Let’s look at some of the most common ones.

You need a Repricing Software only when you have a lot of SKUs.

Amazon sellers with a lesser number of skus might think they don’t need a repricing software, because they can manage it manually. It can be managed manually but at the cost of your precious time which can be put in better and bigger business tasks. Every minute you spend fiddling with prices manually, even if it’s for a few skus, it adds up to your time and efforts.

Having an automated repricing software not just saves your time but reprices continuously even while you’re fast asleep or not in front of your machine. The earlier you adapt to the repricer software, the faster you automate your business.

Repricers is used only to reduce the price

Repricers don’t just reduce your prices in order to be competitive but they also work towards increasing them to raise your profitability. You can set your own rules while setting up the software. A repricing software not only reduces your price, but also shoots it up when either the competitor inventory goes out of stock or any other favorable situation arises.

By using an algorithmic and automated repricer, the possibilities of increase in profits are endless.

Repricers eat away your profits

It’s true that if you don’t configure your repricing software with precision, chances are your prices could drop, costing your business on Amazon. But, even if you reprice manually, there are higher chances of making human errors. Then why not go for a repricer?

Repricing softwares take your inventory cost, shipping cost and Amazon fees into consideration and then calculate your minimum safe selling price. It saves you from making any pricing errors and suffering losses.

Repricers take away control from the seller

If you have been repricing on Amazon manually, you might be hesitant to give it in the hands of an automated machine. Reality is that you still have it under your control.

When you set up the software, you are the one who will be entering the upper and lower price limits, rules and other significant information.

An automated repricing software works round the clock so that you remain competitive throughout.