Benefits of Selling on Amazon –It’s The Holiday Season

Ho Ho Ho! The Holiday Season is just around the corner and it’s time for all the businesses to up their holiday season sales, with major sales coming from online platforms. In this digitally revolutionized world, from kitchen appliances to apparels, everything is shopped online. Statistic shows in 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online, with more than 300 million shopping from Amazon.

For all the products sellers, who aren’t selling on Amazon yet, it’s time to explore this gigantic platform. Whether you want to increase your holiday season sales or to improve your sales round the year, Amazon is the way to go. Due to its global reach, it’s considered to be one of the most valuable branded e-commerce website.

Let’s go further and read about the benefits of selling on Amazon

Enormous Reach and Potential for Sales

The audience Amazon addresses to every single is beyond our mind’s eye. If you are not on Amazon, you are missing out on the millions of buyers out there for whom Amazon is their go-to shopping arcade. And if we talk about Amazon holiday sales, it’s a massive affair. Inc. snapped up between 45% and 50% of all online holiday retail sales in 2017, up from 38% in 2016. The numbers have been increasing since then.

Get Repeat Business

Having your standalone e-commerce site increases your advertising and marketing spend as well as ROI time if you are not an established brand. Whereas on Amazon, with its built-in customer database, you don’t just get a humongous audience, but there’s repeat business coming in.
With promotional activities like Amazon seller discounts for holiday season, holiday offers and impeccable customer service, repeat business is a definite affair.

Easy Packing and Shipping

Holiday seasons are chaotic and demanding. And one of the most stressful chores is packaging and shipping, especially during the holiday season. Amazon makes it easy for you. With Amazon’s FBA service, you can send the products or get them picked up by Amazon, they will pack it further and ship it to the customer.
Holiday season is the time when buyers usually indulge in last moment online shopping and hence would want quick delivery. Amazon FBA will solve this for you.

Learn more about Amazon FBA in this article – Introduction to Amazon FBA

With Amazon, you can focus on increasing your overall holiday season sales and let Amazon take care of the delivery hassle.

Stress Free and Quick Payments

Selling on Amazon brings ease and convenience with respect to payments. Amazon deducts fees only after you make a sale and ensures you receive your payments on time.
So, go on Amazon and run those Amazon Seller Discounts for holiday season and get timely and secured payments in your account.

Free and continuous assistance

Holiday season means more enquiries. Amazon’s customer care expert handles all the customer queries with respect to delivery, return, refund and various other issues.
This holiday season, let Amazon deal with all your customers while you focus on the bigger picture.

Easy to gain customer trust and delight

Customers trust the Amazon’s top-notch packaging, shipment and customer service which in turn benefits your brand and business.
By selling on Amazon you can leverage this trust and make loyalists for your product. People prefer to buy brands which they’ve already bought before rather than experimenting during the holiday season. So, get on board with Amazon and make the most out of your Amazon holiday sales.

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