Automated vs. Manual Repricing

Having your prices right and updated all the time is one of the basics of this entire Amazon Repricing game. Product prices on Amazon keeps changing every minute and if you’re not operating at the required repricing speed, chances are that your competitor will overtake your Amazon Buy Box position.

Some Amazon sellers choose to reprice manually while others opt for an automated Amazon Repricing Software. Which one is better and why? Let’s have a read.

Undertaking Manual Repricing within an Automated Repricer

If you’re a seller with a handful of items, then repricing manually will not be a very difficult task. But for sellers with hundreds of products, repricing manually on Amazon Marketplace would be nothing short of a nightmare. Following the long and complex repricing process is time and effort consuming leaving you no time to focus on your bigger business goals.

But when you decide to automate Amazon business, all you have to do is open the repricing software, set the maximum and minimum price limits of your product which you would not want the software to cross and save it.

vreprice– An automated repricing software makes your life easy by letting you change your product prices individually as well as bulk items, saving you time and effort. And it doesn’t stop repricing after you win the Buy Box, but continues repricing in order to increase your profits and sales.

Manual Repricing and its impacts

Repricing manually on Amazon Marketplace has its own consequences. The most frequent one being the human error of typos. When you are manually handling the repricing of a vast number of products, chances are that you might misplace numbers, decimals or some other significant information, costing you a fortune (in terms of losses).

Furthermore, machines are faster than humans. And when you have to constantly compete with hundreds of sellers every minute, there’s no way you can do it even if you glue yourself in front of the computer all day to reprice every 15 minutes. You will still need to check all across Amazon for the competitor’s pricing, in the fear of missing out any. It would leave you frustrated and tired. This doesn’t seem like a long-term beneficial strategy anyway.

vreprice– An Automated Pricing Tool | Automate Your Amazon Business

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