Amazon Selling Tips Every Seller Should Know!

The selling game on Amazon gets competitive with every passing day. With thousands of new sellers joining incessantly, it’s become an extremely competitive market.

And if you’re a new seller on Amazon, we’ve got you some quick tips to help you survive and win the Amazon game from the very beginning.


1. Optimize your product information for better search

Your product information decides how search-friendly your product listing is. Amazon or any other marketplace allows a user to drill down their search by different attributes. Consider how a user would go from Men’s clothes->Western wear-> T-shirts->Round neck->Color->Size or they would just type Round neck t-shirts for Men Large. Any which way, user can find the exact item they’re looking for.

This is possible as Amazon considers your product information and matches them to customer searches. Hence, if your product information is not accurate, complete or detailed, your customer might not even be able to find your product. Your title, description, size, color, keywords etc. has to be all in place for it to reach your customers.

2. Good-looking and authentic Images

Visuals speak louder than words.

Professionally clicked product images makes you appear as a credible and professional seller. Try including multiple photos from different angle. Click a few pictures showing your product in use to give it a personal touch. Keep the pictures clean without any fancy or jazzy background.

3. Competitive pricing

Your Amazon product listing is optimized completely when your product prices are competitive. What’s more important is that they remain consistently competitive, which is achieved with the help of a repricing software – vreprice. It’s a tool which keeps repricing your products to match the ever changing competition pricing. With aggressive and continuous competition, automated and continuous repricing is the key.

4. It’s all about getting in the Buy Box

Buy Box is all what every Amazon seller aims for. Buy Box is the box on the right of a product on the product detail page, by clicking on which customers can add the product to their cart and purchase it. It’s all about winning this Buy Box, because out of innumerable sellers of the same product, only the ones with the Buy Box have the maximum conversion and visibility.

Have a look at a detailed and easy to understand infographic on Buy Box –

5. Monitor your performance regularly

For your Amazon business to grow and beat the competition, you need to constantly analyze your performance. Study your previous month’s best and worst performing products, competitor pricing strategies and various other elements. This will help you grow out of your weaknesses and further improve your best performing skus.

6. Amazon FBA

The faster you deliver, the better it is for your sales and customer satisfaction. You can either fulfill the orders by yourself or let Amazon do it for you. Read our article on Introduction to Amazon FBA and get more details about the FBA services.

7. Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Aim for maximum positive customer reviews as its one of the most important attribute which will attract more buyers. The power of word of mouth is known to all of us. Today, when you shop anything on Amazon, especially high-priced goods, reviews affect your purchase decisions.

Having positive reviews adds to your brand value, increasing traffic on your product listing and boosting your sales.

8. Manage and Update your Inventory

Keep your stock updated. Stay away from circumstances where a user has ordered an out of stock item. Amazon charges a penalty in this case. The level of stock also determines who the Buy Box goes to, so there are enough reasons for you as an Amazon seller to focus on your stock levels.

Keep your prices competitive by repricing them 24*7 with the help of an effective Repricing Solution – vreprice. Read about the detailed process of repricing in our article – A Beginner’s Guide – How Amazon Repricing Software Works!

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