Advanced Strategies & Insights to Win the Amazon Buy Box

As we know, winning the Amazon Buy Box is not just about pricing. It’s a complex pool of various factors that needs to be taken care of. It’s a process which needs advanced strategies and continuous analysis of your business performance.

Let’s have a read about the advanced strategies and useful insights which help you win more Buy Box and boost your Amazon sales and profits.

Set a price range to maintain your profitability

Determine a price range for your product and develop a pricing strategy considering that range. It’s important to protect your profitability avoiding unwanted price dropping even if the competitor does. With the help of an algorithmic repricer which is known for its intelligent Amazon repricing, you can safeguard your profitability by identifying, analyzing and then reacting to price changes, taking into consideration all the variables that affect the Buy Box win. It averts you from getting into unnecessary price wars and taking the downward pricing slope.

Lead the price change – Avoid following the price race down all the time. Drive more sales

Have a profit strategy for each ASIN. Understand the performance, history etc. of every ASIN and accordingly take the repricing decision. A rule-based repricer might not be effective enough to process all this information and get you the best price and profits. vreprice – an algorithmic repricer is what you need.

Sometimes, you need to completely ignore a price war. If any product is continuously being priced down, you can consider avoiding replenishment of its stock and put in your efforts in the stronger performing ASINs. When the time is right, you can also take the lead, increase the price and still win the Buy Box.

Create Customer Delight

Generating happy and delighted customers is a strong investment to win the Amazon Buy Box and boost your Amazon sales and profits. Ensure to maintain higher number of seller feedback, low order defect rate, timely delivery and adequate stock.

Remember, one delighted customer gets you many.

Maintain adequate stock

Being an Amazon seller, you need to have sufficient stock to meet customer demands. It’s important to have enough inventory also to meet the exchange requests, if need be. The level of stock also determines who the Buy Box goes to, so there are enough reasons for you as an Amazon seller to focus on your stock levels.

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