10 Things You Should Look For Before Choosing A Repricing Software

10 Things You Should Look For Before Choosing A Repricing Software

With the rising number of brands and products selling online, it’s becoming all the more challenging for the existing businesses to increase their profits, improve sales and remain competitive on the ecommerce platforms. Repricing software does the needful but getting the right one is the key. Making a wrong choice would prove to be a costly affair, losing out on your time productive time and money. Here are some of the key factors to tick on while choosing an amazon repricing software.

1. Aggressive Price Check
You need a repricer that has a bird’s eye view on the competitor pricing. Covering only a handful from the lot won’t serve the purpose; it has to capture the entire field of players. For your every product listed, the best repricer ensures that each of the prices listed for that respective product is taken into consideration and processed spontaneously.

2. Retaining the Buy Box
Winning you the Buy Box is just the start. We analyze several parameters like pricing, FBA status and feedback in order to look for opportunities to upscale your profit while retaining the Buy Box.

3. Look for Cloud-Based Software
Having cloud based software assures you continuous functionality even when your computer is off; ruling out the obsolete troubles of system crashing, slow internet and various unplanned circumstances. Don’t stop your repricing because of your software incompetency.

4. Rules vs. Algorithm
Through the rule based tools, the sellers have a great amount of control over the functions like competing for the first two or three position in the buybox, undertake repricing of only specific products-new, old or revised, the percentage of amount to be reduced, etc.

Whereas in the algorithmic one, the seller needs to put in the least price he is ready to offer the product at. The system then uses its own calculation taking into account competitor’s information, prices and its own set of defined tools to ensure maximum sale at the highest
selling price possible. Today, most of the softwares offer both these methods of repricing, choose the one with more pros for your business.

5. Adequate Update Frequency
Frequency plays a crucial role, especially during your business peak season time. It’s wise to opt for a package which offers flexibility in terms of heightening the frequency at a specific time frame, rather than paying a high cost for long term fixed frequency.

6. Can be used in different regions
You won’t have to worry when your business reaches the expansion stage, if your Amazon repricing software is supporting in various regions and currencies.

7. Not just the Amazon Buy Box
Aiming for the Amazon Buy Box or Buy Box at any other marketplace is of gold importance but that’s not the only thing that helps sellers sell more or gain visibility. The effective repricers have a vigorous view of the larger picture and also help you complete for the top 4 rankings (through
‘More Buying Choices Box) and top 10 (through Offering List Page), apart from the regular repricing functions.

8. Adjustment to variable scenarios
It’s always good to go with a repricing software which is well-found to make adjustments to highly variable and actual circumstances in any dynamic marketplace. Find a repricer that tests accurately for – a)optimum algorithmic operations, ensuring the Amazon Buy Box, b)adapting to
a suitable repricing strategy when your product has no competition, c)continuous tracking of competitor pricing to compete not just to be on top but also to be second-to- the-lowest or third-to- the-lowest.

9. Error Handling
Look for a repricer which deeply scrutinizes from the minutest to the most significant errors on all your listed products and averts from repricing them. There are times when the minimum price would have been mistakenly higher than the maximum one; a good repricing software
notes this.

10. Informative Dashboard
A repricing software which helps you keep a track of your happenings is the need of the hour. From your inventory to profit margins, everything is recorded timely for you to refer in regular intervals.

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